St. Petersburg In Your Pocket: Interview with John Tschohl

John Tschohl, called the ‘guru of customer service’ is a best selling author, service strategist and president of Service Quality Institute, the global leader in customer service. Yesterday he came to St. Petersburg to give a seminar on Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service.

St. Petersburg In Your Pocket was happy to be there yesterday, it was really interesting, stimulating and useful. After the seminar Jerke Verschoor asked John Tschohl to answer a few questions.


Jerke Versсhoor: John, you are called the Guru of customer service. What makes your message special in Russia?

John Tschohl: Russians like my message, they are very open people. And they move fast, much faster then in the US. CEO’s can take very quick decisions. This is important. The company that is delivering the best customer service, will outgrow its competition rapidly.

J.V.: What is the biggest problem in Russia concerning customer service?

J.T.: Customer service was almost non-existent during Soviet times. When I came here the first time in 1986 there was nothing at all. Now of course, everything is moving in a better direction regarding client-oriented service.

J.V.: What is your message to Russians?

J.T.: Russia can be the most powerful country in the world. It has the potential to go global. Russians are smart and learn fast, we can help them understand that every business should be first and foremost a customer driven business.

J.V.: What is your message to expats living in Russia?

J.T.: That is easy! Focus on customer service, Russians will love it and come back to you for more.

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